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Munich Airport

Hotel Königswache Munich - Using public transfer you will arrive Munich Airport within 45 minutes.

Franz Josef Strauss International Airport (IATA: MUC, ICAO: EDDM) is Munich's main airport, some 30 km to the north east of the city centre. The airport can be reached by Schnellbahn train lines S1 from the east and S8 from the west part of the city. However, from the Hauptbahnhof (Main railway station), the journey takes 40-45 minutes. A magnetic levitation train (called Transrapid) which will run at speeds of up to 400km/h from the central station to the airport is under consideration. It would reduce the travel time from the Hauptbahnhof to only 10 minutes. The airport began operations in 1992, replacing the former main airport, the Munich-Riem airport (active 1939-1992).

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